Christian Yesterday, No Today

I thought I was a Christian yesterday, when a person told me it was all about me

Yesterday, I tried to be nicer than before because I was told to be

But I felt I lacked something, maybe the Spirit within me

I didn’t know yesterday, I was to be bold as Christ was to be

Yesterday, I was given the impression to value myself more than He,

After all everything Christ did was for me

Yesterday, I searched the Bible and couldn’t find any commandments only suggestions of how to be

But not today, I found 49 commandments that Christ gave, telling me how to be

I thought I was Christian yesterday, but today I know, I was half way to the man He wants me to be

Yesterday, I was just another wishing I would be, thinking I could be, being told I was without the knowledge to be

But today, I gave my life to He, and found His Spirit within me

I know today, I could never go back to what I was yesterday

Because today, I found it wasn’t all about me, it was about Him who died to save me

Yesterday, I thought all my dreams were fulfilled, but not today

Today, I found Christ and He has saved me with a promise of eternal dreams to be

Now today with the Holy Spirit in me, I am focused on what he wants me to be.

I am bold to the point, no one can ignore me, for His Spirit is in me

Now I know today, when I gave my life to Christ, He started working on the man He wants me to be

May you all know the pleasure it is to be, God’s son eternally

Merry Christmas