Conversation with an Atheist

In a dream I had a conversation with an atheists, who said to me in an accusing tone, “There are many different types of Christians, and not all of them are holy are they?” He of course was thinking about denominations like Baptists, Catholics, and Presbyterians. But I concurred saying yes, there are many types of Christians: There are Chow-line Christians, One night Stand Christians, Bystander Christians, Parasite Christians, Self-Muzzled Christians, Sons of Thunder Christians, and Turn the Light on Christians to name a few.

Then I added, let me explain these types to you, to help you understand all Christians are mere humans. They can be blends of all of these because we are all a work in progress and none are perfectly holy.

  • Chow-line Christians: they are Christians who are always waiting and hoping to be served. They are first to get in line when the food is served and first to leave after the program.
  • One Night Stand Christians: these are the church hopping Christians. They come in the door acting as though they are totally committed, and take up the Pastors and others time. It seems they like being the new people because of all the attention they gather. My guess is they never find out there is no perfect church, because the church is filled with imperfect people. They eventually find something wrong, so they can rationalize moving to another church.
  • Bystander Christians: these are the ones who want to have one foot in church and one foot out. They are the Christians that come every Easter and Christmas and when asked to serve have many excuses or will say things like, I’ll pray about it. Most believe, standing on the sidelines and not committing will keep the church from interfering with their lives, but believe they are meeting God’s minimum requirement for attending church.
  • Parasite Christians: those who come to a church hoping for a handout or some other kind of support. They are the unproductive and self-professed needy and require monetary assistance, rides, free food, and always are about to make it out of the needy camp, but never do. They usually leave the church after they burn every handout bridge, claiming the church is unloving.
  • Self-Muzzled Christians: these Christians and clergy are well meaning and try to look like the pictorial maxim of the three wise Japanese monkeys, acting like they see no evil, hear no evil, and can speak no evil. They hope that hiding behind the façade of looking wise or holy will set them apart from other Christians. They seem to have self-created a box for their defined Christ to fit into. Then worse, they have taken ownership of what Christ looks like, thinks and how He acts and speaks, and if anyone challenges them they look upon them as uninformed Christians. Through their haughtiness they don’t seem to know they have made up their own deity. Whoever he is in their mind, he lacks fortitude and is always circumspect, and nice, which is their definition of loving. They cover their apprehension, and find every reason not to speak the bold word of God, like Paul did in the books of Romans and Ephesians, thereby preventing themselves from becoming Acts Christians. Sadly, the self-muzzled slowly become naysayers finding reasons not to see, not to hear, and to never speak the bold truth of God outside of the confines of their self-created image of Christ. They are the sea drag on Christianity, because they hide the light of Christ under their self-justified nonsense, somehow believing silence can bring people to Christ.
  • Sons of Thunder Christians: these Christians are like James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James, whom Christ named Sons of Thunder. They were named such because nothing could keep them from verbalizing and standing for the truth of God in the public square. They are the opposite of the Self-Muzzled Christians because they exemplify the tenacity of the Lion of Judah. These are the sons and daughters of God that the Holy Spirit has to temper their enthusiasm and teach them to be more understanding of others. They are the self-starters, who take on the whole armor of God and don’t look back, or cower while being true doers of the word. Self-Muzzled Christians claim they are bad Christian examples. The opposite is true; more Sons of Thunder are what the body Christ needs today in America because they are unrestrained doers of the Word of God.
  • Turn the Light on Christians: these are the Christians and true Shepherds that study and know the word of God and become doers of His word. They are more considerate and compassionate of others because they exemplify the Lamb of God part of Christ. They can be depended upon to speak the light of Christ into darkness with wisdom that only comes through the Holy Spirit. These are the true ministers of the word of truth, while using every avenue and possibility to confront darkness by exposing it. These Christians are the light of Christ because they know and understand the Holy Spirit, after they speak Christ’s truth, convicts the lost, and turns them from darkness to light.

May I add, Sons of Thunder and Turn the Light on Christians are on the frontlines in the battle between good and evil! They are those who God can depend on. The atheist asked, “Frontline Christians are they a blend of the two who becomes doers of the word?” My response was, “Absolutely, a doer is an effective witness for Christ without all the baggage Christians place upon themselves.” The atheists then asked with a puzzled look, “What is an effective witness?” “An effective witness is a Christian who knows how to speak the power of the Holy Spirit into the world. They know this is their personal witness God put inside them as a testimony of His supremacy and the knowledge of our savior Jesus the Christ. Our witness declares our uniqueness, our potential, our faith, and our total commitment to Christ. Only through the Holy Spirit can we as individuals birth our own witness, and live our witness to become doers of the word of God!”

But as a caution, I should tell you that “Not to witness is to not take responsibility for being a Christian. Not to act on our witness is to hamper the Holy Spirit from working through us! This is failing to acknowledge the Holy Spirit supports us with every spiritual tool we need as we represent Christ to the world. The Spirit guides us, comforts us, and even tells what is to come. He continues with us as He teaches us the reality of God’s truth, interceding for us as He informs the lost of the truth of Jesus the Christ.”  

In the Bible, Romans 10:17 tells us, faith comes from hearing and hearing the words of Christ. God’s doers are speaking the word of God into the darkness so the world will hear the only absolute truth. Seeing is also very important because we also hear with our eyes. Therefore, reading is seeing and hearing because we see to read and hear silently in ourselves. We also hear by speaking, because we hear ourselves and see by visualizing our words. In Proverbs 1:20 it says wisdom shouts in the streets for the hearing. In John 4:40 – 41 after hearing Christ they believed. In Mark 4:20 it says to hear and bear fruit, and Mark 15:32 reveals, we may see and believe. In Luke 3:6, all flesh will see the salvation of God. Then in Luke 11:33 we are, lighting a lamp so they may see the light. Then in Acts 2:33 Christ has proved fourth, so we can see and hear.

Then I said to the atheist, now my question to you: “Would you like to see and hear the undeniable truth of God? Wouldn’t you like to be God’s frontline vehicle to mankind to enlighten them and show them the way to a rewarding life with the gift of eternal life at its end?” The atheists said, “Yes, how do I become a true frontline Christian?” It is then I started to read Romans 10:9-11 to him, and awoke with a new vigor for Christ.

My God bless you all,

David Howard, Foxhole Ministry, Billings, MT