Letter to House of Representatives Speaker of the House

United States                                                                                                          December 10, 2019

House of Representatives 

Speaker of the House

Madam Speaker,

I was somewhat moved by your speech this morning announcing that the house is moving forward on articles of impeachment.  My heart quickly sank as I thought I heard the words of a Patriot, while full well knowing, they were hollow in truth and deceptive in nature. My first reaction was immediate anger and disgust that a proclaimed Christian of your stature would continue to speak falsehoods, further dividing our country and insulting our intelligence as a people. You claim of it’s your congressional duty to impeach our President to protect the constitution is totally absurd.   All the while the commonwealth can clearly see through your self -serving agenda that fundamentally weakens our constitution, while erasing its founding principles and the moral fabric of this country that was once pleasing to God. 

My only question in this situation is to ask what would Jesus do?   And I found it in Matthew 23, so I pray for you and all your colleagues that you would step out of the darkness and into the light of truth.  I ask that the Lord bless you and keep you, granting you wisdom and grace that you may hear his word and follow in his footsteps as only he can guide you away from your destructive path. To that, of a path of a true stateswoman moving forward in hope, faith and unity that the founders so envisioned.  

There are many Christians praying that God will help you:

Protect this country and our constitution amidst all the chaos, deception and confusion that congress has place on the heart of our country.   

Provide Congress with the wisdom and the will to legislate in good faith and listening to the true voice of its common people.

 Instill   a mind of peace and common sense in congress, that they may and see the destructiveness of their self-serving agenda.

Soften    the heart and minds of those leaders who have chosen the path of destroying this country, the constitution and our faith in God.   Open their eyes to the truth in the biblical principles have made this country so great. 

Grant    our Legislators the ability to forgive those who have caused hatred, anguish and pain.  That they may come together as one Nation in faith under in GOD that he may once again bless this nation. 


Allen Edmonds  

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