The New Regressive Anti-God Progressive Party

Progressive Socialist today think they are the party of love and compassion. They accuse Conservatives of being the problem, because all they want to talk about is reducing unemployment, protecting our country with strong immigration policies, supporting the economy, strengthening our Bill of Rights, and providing safety to our citizens in America.  Progressives then call Conservatives a bunch of fascist, because progressives want to do practical things like abolish the Electoral College, eliminate due process, open our boarders, and use hate speech as the vehicle to abolish free speech. Progressives want to destroy the so-called nuclear family of one man, one woman, and children, and replace it with whatever delusion a person identifies with. This is their way to be truly inclusive. Then accuse Conservatives of being oppressive by using fear-mongering, while talking about honoring our Constitution and providing more liberty and freedom to the average citizen.

Progressives condemn such language as divisive. They talk about safety by trying to abolishing the 2nd Amendment, and individual freedom by being able to kneel during the national anthem, while disrespecting every person who died to make America free. This seems perfectly normal because they learned this in college.

Progressives are big on feminism because all men are wrong and they believe women are strong and independent, though they are helpless victims of white male supremacy. This is why progressives honor the sacred right of women to violently kill their children in the womb, mostly because they believe these children will have a bad life if they are not killed. Then as a natural byproduct, they sponsor the façade of Planned Parenthood who is actually selling baby body parts of aborted babies so ‘Planned Infanticide’ can get richer and kill more babies. This is also rationalized because they define the killing an unborn child as merely freedom of choice. However, progressives fight against Christians who want to choice to have a religious conscience. A religious conscience they condemn as bigotry. Since every true progressive knows religious people are bunch of idiots. They believe in a Higher Power than government, which to a progressive, is preposterous.

Progressives believe being arrogantly compassionate is requiring everyone to think backwards not forward, as they sponsor socialism because it’s so regressively good. Socialism takes us back to before America was created to another ‘ism’, statism, and this is why progressives try to sell everybody on the new Socialist Progressive Party. Progressives know they are regressively backward, but rationalize this okay because they self-identify as being forward thinkers. This is possible because progressives can even believe they are female when their biological sex is male.

When Conservatives Christians push for more freedom, progressives push for more free stuff. This is why progressive socialists appeal to young college students who are being indoctrinated in America’s collages to believe wrong is right and right is wrong. After all, the progressive believes the highest example of the new Socialist Progressive Party is wrongly called by Conservatives, a penitentiary. To them, this is erroneous because in progressive socialist countries like Venezuela, everyone is treated equally bad, and they are safe under total military control. All the people in Venezuela have housing in summer, free medical care (that is unattainable) and can stand in line and socialize while getting their food. What is better than that, they ask. Conservatives on the other hand call progressives compassionate idiots, but progressives believe in their minds that regressive is the new compassion and if they believe it, it is true. Oh, one more thing, if you don’t agree with progressives they will persecute and ostracize you and try to get you fired. This is because they are so regressively compassionate.

Many of the above ideas came from Allie Beth Stuckey YouTube video where she sarcastically depicts a new campaign ad for the Democratic Party.