Foxhole’s Liberty Watch Program

Foxhole’s Liberty Watch Program Empowers Christians to Raise Awareness in the Body of Christ to Defend Religious Liberty, Life, Marriage, and Family in America Today!

“When the watchman sees the enemy coming, he sounds the alarm to warn the people.” (Ezekiel 33:3)

Sounding the Alarm: 

Our 1st Amendment protections of religious freedom are being systematically curtailed and extinguished in America today. These attacks are presently persecuting Christians, leaving them with a diminished public voice, and relegating the body of Christ to insignificance.  The final step will be to silence and then extinguish the influence of the body of Christ in the public square. These attacks have been successful because far too many Christians and their clergy are silent, inactive, and not worthy adversaries to evil in the public square of America!

How do we combat these attacks: 

We need Christ to assist us!  We need His help in turning the light on in America and thereby defeating these attacks.  We can do this, with His help, by standing as bold as Christ and speaking His truth in the public square.  We must stir His truth into our culture as ministers of reconciliation. (John 15:5)

Liberty Watch :

Liberty Watch was designed to assist frontline Christians to build within their Church a process to become the voice of truth in the public square.  The program assists and motivates shepherds and congregations to grow, lead, and actively speak Christ’s truth into today’s culture. 


This program builds confidence within congregations. It encourages them to stand together to empower the body and their clergy to pray and act as Christ’s Ambassadors, making Christ the Spiritual leader of America. 


This program does not in any way speak to or effect a church’s religious beliefs. It is a program to enable us to stand for religious freedom. (Mark 3:25)


Start a Liberty Watch Program today :

in your Church so you can “set at liberty those who are (being) oppressed.” (Luke 4:18)


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Defend Religious Liberty

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