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Our 1st Amendment protection of religious liberty and freedom of speech are being systematically crushed by radical humanist in America today. Christian churches, many without knowing, are engaged in a cultural civil war against well financed radical secular principalities. These principalities are actively engaged in destroying every symbol and avenue to Christ’s truth by supporting every kind of immorality, Ro 1:22-32. 


The masters of this Dark Age, political principalities’ are presently devaluing, seizing, and persecuting Christians and unjustly dragging them before the chief magistrates to be prosecuted for standing for their Christian Faith. (Acts 4:18-20) 


Join us in trumpeting Christ’s truth into the enemy’s camp to expose them (Ep. 5:11) and inspire them to defeat through the work of the Holy Spirit! Join us by putting on the full armor of God and standing for Christ’s righteousness in the public square of opinion by actively spreading our faith and protecting our religious freedoms.