Attack on Christianity 

Attack on Christianity is for concerned Frontline American Christians witnessing the loss of their religious freedom. 


Attack on Christianity outlines today’s oppression, and defines secular progressive humanists: their focus, motives, and how they are attacking America’s religious freedom. 


Attack on Christianity answers how do Christian’s strategize and stand for religious freedom while being persecuted, fined, and jailed in America? 


Attack on Christianity provides Christians with the biblical perspective and illuminates the secular progressive dependence on lies and their irrational attack on the Bible, Christ, and God’s absolute truth. 


Attack on Christianity moves Christians toward involvement while answering for them the often asked question, “What can we do?”


Attack on Christianity then climaxes with 10 strategies Christ used to engage in the culture war demonstrating the need to unite in prayer, tactics, and action for the glory of God. 


Buy a copy for yourself, your church and for your loved ones! We need to learn how to stand for Christ’s righteousness for the glory of God! 



“This book is an inspiring wake-up call! Our Christian heritage and religious freedoms are under attack by secular principalities in America today. What is so wonderfully vital about this book is that it offers Christians a biblical framework from which to view and respond to these attacks. Dave is giving God-fearing peoples across America the 10 strategies Christ used to fight the culture war, and through these strategies, we have at our disposal the greatest power on earth to effectively heal our land.”

William J. “Bill” Federer

Nationally Renowned Speaker, Best-selling Author (American Minute, Who Is the King in America?, and other titles), President of Amerisearch, Inc.